Definition of Affirmations – A Powerful Tool to Manifest Your Goals

Definition of Affirmations – A Powerful Tool to Manifest Your Goals

October 24, 2018 6 By Edith

Positive I Am Affirmations

What are affirmations? What are positive affirmations? And why are they so powerful?

Affirmations are phrases or sentences that one repeats, either by speaking out loud or thinking in one’s mind. Some people also choose to write them down which is another way these positive statements can be affirmed.

Thus, it is important to ensure that they are positive – one could say that it is similar to positive thinking – thinking happy thoughts, positive thoughts and reciting them on a regular basis.

It is also important to state the affirmation in the present tense (‘I am energetic’ rather than ‘I want to be energetic’ or ‘I will be energetic’) as our subconscious mind needs to receive a specific instruction to act upon straight away.

When stating ‘I am’, you are telling your subconscious mind that it is true right now and if you keep repeating and affirming it continuously, your subconscious mind will react upon it to make this become true.

If you have doubts, ask yourself whether you really want what you are affirming for, so that your doubts will not stand in your way. This can be one of the reasons why some people do not get the desired results from their affirmations and stop believing in this power.

Use affirmations as part of your daily routines to manifest goals – believe in them!!

Remember also to take action! With anything in life, don’t just sit back and wait for a change. Take action and actively work towards your goals.

Please also note that changes will not happen overnight. It is often stated that a general change (i.e. changing a routine or habit) would take a minimum of 30 days – this also applies to affirmations. Persevere and be aware that sometimes patience is required, and weeks or months could go by before you notice positive changes. If you are reciting to become a millionaire, it is very unlikely to see this become true within a few months but you might notice positive changes towards your goal (i.e. a pay rise, additional income, less expenses) within a shorter period of time.

I am confident Display

Ways To Use Affirmations

There are many ways you can use affirmations to bring more abundance into your life.

  • You can focus on one affirmation a day, write it on a piece of paper, carry it with you and refer back to it many times during the day, i.e. before going to work in the morning, during break times, during lunchtime, when coming home from work, after dinner, before going to bed.
  • If you prefer, you can choose a new affirmation on a weekly basis, rather than daily. Follow your intuition. You might like to focus on an affirmation for a few days only. If it is something very important or significant in your life, you might choose to focus on that particular affirmation for a few weeks or even months.
  • Display your chosen affirmation/s in a central place in your home where it will catch your ‘sight’ – stop for a moment, focus on the affirmation, take a deep breath, recite it and then continue with your daily life.
  • Integrate your chosen affirmation into your meditation in the mornings, during the day or evenings – play some meditation music if you wish, light a candle, focus on the affirmation. You can either recite it in your mind or speak it out loud.
  • You can most certainly have more than one affirmation to recite daily. It is very powerful to hand-write and create your very own affirmations, specific to your life circumstances and areas that you would like to focus on.

I am always happy to hear from you and please send me an email to or leave a comment with ways that you use affirmations and share your inspirations!

Receive Weekly Affirmations

Click here to receive weekly affirmations by email that you can download and print for personal use. Display these around your home or on your desk. I bought a small easel where I display my affirmation (and rotate and choose a new one frequently). Follow your intuition here.

I Am Affirmations

Free Printable Positive Affirmation Cards

I created ‘I am’ Affirmation Cards that I hope you will benefit from – as well as other bonuses that you can view here.
The PDF consists of 56 ‘I am’ affirmations and I encourage you to print them on card and cut them out. As mentioned above, I display mine on a small easel and rotate them frequently, choosing the one I would like to focus on during that particular time. I encourage you to do the same. If you would like to get a bit more information on these Affirmation Cards, please go here.

Here are a few additional ideas on how to use these weekly affirmations or ‘I am’ affirmation cards:

  • Use them as your desktop image (and change weekly)
  • Use them as your screensaver
  • Use them as a background image for your phone
  • Print them and hang up on your wall or close to your desk
  • Display them on a small easel or stand
  • Print, fold them up and carry them with you in your pocket – ensure that you refer back to them during the day 🙂
  • Use them in your Positive Affirmations Jar
  • If you would like to share them with friends and family, please ask them to visit this website

As affirmations are such a powerful tool to assist us with focusing on positivity and creating more abundance in our lives, please come back often as I continuously upload new affirmations, articles and other interesting information.

If you are eager to have a look at the list of affirmations, please click here or feel free to go through the Affirmations drop down menu at the top of this website.

Let me know if the affirmation that you are looking for is not part of the list yet, as I am always happy to hear from you and receive suggestions for future affirmations. My email is contact (delete space).