Free Printable Affirmation Cards

Free Printable Affirmation Cards

November 9, 2018 2 By Edith

I created Free Printable Affirmation Cards for you that I hope you will enjoy and benefit from. Click here to receive the download.

I Am Affirmations


This is the I Am Affirmations list:

I am happy.   I am strong.   I am wealthy.

I am creative.   I am beautiful.   I am blessed.

I am healthy.   I am gifted.   I am joyful.

I am energy.   I am loved.   I am kind.

I am respectful.   I am in love with myself.   I am light.

I am courageous.   I am confident.   I am amazing.

I am grateful.   I am love.   I am grounded.

I am spiritually connected.   I am generous.   I am special.

I am optimistic.   I am compassionate.   I am faithful.

I am full of abundance.   I am joy.   I am determined.

I am successful.   I am unique.   I am caring.

I am inspiring.   I am extraordinary.   I am protected.

I am relaxed.   I am calm.   I am powerful.

I am accepted.   I am aware.   I am vibrant.

I am worthy.   I am in peace.   I am forgiving.

I am gentle.   I am intelligent.   I am positive.

I am talented.   I am resilient.   I am fulfilled.

I am responsible.   I am flexible.   I am helpful.

I am energetic.   I am.

There are other bonuses in addition to the Affirmation Cards – please click here to see the full ‘list’.

If you have any suggestions to include additional ‘I am’ Affirmations, please send me an email to contact@ (delete space) or contact me here – I look forward to hearing from you.