I achieve financial freedom. I take action towards reaching this goal. ~ Affirmation for Financial Freedom

I achieve financial freedom. I take action towards reaching this goal. ~ Affirmation for Financial Freedom

July 14, 2019 0 By Edith

Affirmation for Financial Freedom


Today I would like to talk about a ‘hands-on’ approach while offering you this ‘Affirmation for Financial Freedom’.

I would believe that everyone would like to achieve financial freedom and not worry about money.

Affirmation for Financial Freedom

I am sure that there are many options available where you can achieve financial freedom.

The one I would like to talk about today is starting a website that generates money.

I would like to share this online income opportunity with you and hope to inspire you to have a look.

There are many options available with a website

  • You can create a passive income online
  • You can build your own website and monetize it with affiliate marketing
  • You can open an online shop on your website
  • You can start a blog and monetize your website

What are your passions, interests and hobbies?

Yoga? Basketball? Golf? Meditation? Sewing? Arts? Travelling? Knitting? Bike Riding? Music? Playing an instrument? Singing?

The platform that I would like to recommend to you is called ‘Wealthy Affiliate’. They offer training, hosting, support and a community that is very active and helpful when you need a hand.

Affirmation for Financial FreedomWealthy Affiliate (or WA for short) offers training on how to build a website and monetize it. Their main training is based on affiliate marketing which, in simple terms, is receiving a commission when you recommend a product or service to your readers/audience and if they make a purchase through your affiliate link, you will get a commission. There are many successful affiliate marketers that earn a full time income this way.

But as said above, there are other options available. Have you ever considered starting your own blog and writing about your passion? WA teaches you how to monetize your blog.

Let’s look at a real-life example. Let’s say that you like bike riding.

You could start a website about bike riding. You could write blogs about how to care for your bike, where or when it’s best to go riding, nutrition when exercising, bike tracks in your country or even overseas while travelling, useful bike accessories, etc. etc.

While writing blogs, you can write product reviews and make recommendations to your readers and earn affiliate commissions that way.

Affirmation for Financial FreedomWhile we do talk about making money here, it is important to remember that the main reason why starting a website or blog is to help other people. That is the most important and foremost reason that should drive us in starting an online business / website. While sharing your passion, knowledge and expertise, you are offering assistance, helping others and giving solutions to their problems.

If you like playing an instrument, you could teach how to play it. Have you considered having your own website and posting videos or tutorials sharing your skills and expertise with others?

If you like travelling, you could start a travelling website making recommendations to others and sharing your adventures.

Do you like jewellery and clothes? You could start a fashion website.

Do you like animals? You could start a website about dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs.

Do you like technology, graphic design, sports, education, crafts?

Affirmation for Financial FreedomDo you handcraft items? Sewing? Knitting? Beading? You could start a blog with tutorials and sell your handmade items.

I am sure you can come up with many more ideas based on your passions, interests, skills and expertise. And you don’t have to be an expert either. Having an interest and passion is sufficient to get started.

So back to ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ and how they can help you to achieve financial freedom:

They offer training on how to build a website, help others and monetize your website. Their training is very well-structured and the amazing thing is that you can start their training for free and see whether it is right for you. All you need is an email address (and there is not credit card required). And if you don’t like it, you can close your free account.

As said above, their first level of training consisting of 10 lessons is free and you would have your own free website up and running by then. As a free starter member, you can build your own free website on a siterubix domain.

In addition, they offer hosting, great support and the members within the community are very active and ready to help if you need it.

I would suggest and encourage you to read more about the platform itself.

This is a link to a Wealthy Affiliate review, explaining in detail how you can make money through this platform. And this post will give you a link if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate for free.

If you would like to get a few more ideas on which subject (or niche) you might like to start a website on, click here.

Give it some thought and please contact me or leave a comment below if you have any questions!