Printable List of Positive Affirmations

Printable List of Positive Affirmations

November 24, 2018 2 By Edith

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List of Positive Affirmations

I am filled with love, light and peace.

My soul is calm and at peace.

I treat my body with respect. I only eat healthy and fresh food.

I am blessed with financial abundance and money comes to me easily and continuously.

I love and accept myself.

I let go of the past. I live in the present moment and I welcome a life full of abundance, love, health and happiness.

I attract the love of my life.

I let go of fear. Whatever comes my way, I am strong and secure.

I love and accept myself. I radiate loving kindness towards myself.

I breathe deeply. With every breath, I feel the energy within me.

I am full of abundance.

I am grateful for my family and friends. I am surrounded by positive people.

I attract positive people. I welcome new and vibrant friendships into my life.

I live in harmony with everything around me.

I live in harmony with nature. I respect trees, plants, animals and all living beings.

I am full of love and I radiate positive energy.

I make positive choices for a happier, healthier and wealthier life every day.

I radiate loving kindness and respect towards myself and others.

I release all negativity from my life.


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